Dorabella at The Juilliard School

"Megan Moore as Dorabella poured out rich, buttery mezzo tone, a genuinely beautiful voice."


"Megan Moore portrayed Dorabella with an edge based on undeniable sex appeal; one might have felt her voice the perfect mix for the part. Moore’s “Smanie implacabili” and “É amore un ladroncello” were grounded in her voice’s richness and color. She leaned into her natural ability to sound vocally developed by applying this same energy to her character’s physically passionate moments with Guglielmo.

During one moment when Moore and Erik van Heyningen were exploring their mutual attraction, Moore portrayed a woman in control of her outcome and unashamed to express herself in the moment. She showed her strength as an actress throughout,  adding another dimension to her talent as a singer." 



Megan Moore’s Dorabella complimented O’Mara’s Fiordiligi with a smooth, silky tone and a delightful command of Mozartian line. Moore found interesting colors in the ensemble scenes – her duets with Guglielmo, especially, saw Moore flex some impressive dramatic chops."

-Parterre Box

"...dazzled with rapid-fire coloratura..."

-Voce di Meche

"...left yearning to hear more from this talented singer." 

-Arts Knoxville


"...theatrical spark and attractive mezzo timbre... a winning characterization... drew laughter and applause." 

-South Florida Classical Review

In the final set, mezzo-soprano Megan Moore and collaborative pianist Grace Francis made a fine team and performed selections from Tchaikovsky's Seven Romances, Op. 47. "If only I'd known" is a strophic song based on a folk tune with text by Tolstoy. Ms. Moore sang it with escalating urgency and dynamic variety. We enjoyed the melismatic passages.


What affected us the most was "Was I not a blade of grass in the field", another strophic song with some stunning melismatic passages and a powerful climax. We have heard Ms. Moore in recital and competitions-- singing an appealing Cenerentola and a resolute Dorabella as well as the Komponist--always admiring her lyricism and dramatic skills. But last night she made us weep in her deeply committed rendering of a young woman's hopeless situation.


Fortunately, the set and the concert ended on a more cheerful note with "Whether day dawns" in which Ms. Francis let loose with a passionate postlude. We always love it when a pianist who has been delicately supporting the singer is able to tear up the keyboard like that and show a different side of her artistry. - voce di meche lol

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